Wednesday, August 31, 2011

8-30-11 Track Workout ladder

Today I ran a solid workout, mostly alongside Daniel "Darko" Blech.  He's usually a pace machine, with some supercomputer in his head that makes some pretty good calculations on the spot.  I never truly rely on anyone to know pace down pat like I do, but I was just along for the ride today.

The workout was a ladder -- 400, 800, 1200, 1600, 1600, 1200, 800, 400 with 400m jog R in between and 800m jog R in the very middle of the workout. Some didn't have the mile repeats to complete. Overall, this workout seemed to take up more practice time than anticipated.
The first one we did was 1:23, then 2:54 (+2 slow), 4:30, 6:10, then Darko put on his racing flats and took off. The next mile was at 5:35, and I found myself dragging and sucking wind after a mere 200m.  I told him I was done, feeling like something was wrong with me.  I was going to finish this interval and re-evaluate the rest of my workout. Then, I looked at my watch.  The mile pace was 5:00!  I yelled to Darko to slow the hell down, but to no avail.  Wearing my Brooks Glycerin 9's, I continually closed in on him, eventually running a way too fast 4:28, but only after jogging the last 100m.  I was literally on pace for a 5:18 the whole time! I was done after calf was experiencing a slight twinge, so I decided not to ignore it because I have no major races lined up until March 2012.

I'm quite happy with the ease of my workouts lately.  I've felt smooth and relaxed, and noticed I'm really enjoying my Glycerin 9's as my go-to shoe on the track and roads. Last week's mile repeats with the last two at 5:28 and 5:27 seemed effortless.  I wonder what kind of shape I'm truly in at this point. I imagine that donning racing flats or track spikes could yield some quick 200 and 400 repeats.

Tired now.  Time for bed.

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